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You Don’t Need Another Swing Thought

When I started playing golf again about 10 years ago I turned to golf magazines and books in search of guidance to help me unleash my golfing potential. Boy, was I disappointed.  It seemed like every new article I read contradicted the last one.  I was all over the place, almost literally tying myself in […]

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Your last ever game of golf

Your Last Ever Game Of Golf

Have you already played your last game of golf? How would you know? It’s a strange thing, but we always seem to assume that we’ll be back on the course sometime. Perhaps you have a round arranged for later this week? Maybe you don’t have a specific future date, but you’ll get back out there, […]

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non-attachment in golf

Non-Attachment in Golf

A couple of weeks ago I played in a competition at my club. It wasn’t the best of days, score-wise. As I joked with my wife when I came home, there were only three things wrong with my game – how I was off the tee, how I was on the greens, and the shots […]

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mastering the inner game of golf

Mastering The Inner Game of Golf

originally published in Caribbean Golf magazine The inner game of golf is crucial to our golfing success and enjoyment. The single biggest thing that I see spoil the game in golfers is judgement, and it’s close friends, criticism and impatience. But the great news is that judgement isn’t an actual thing, it’s simply a point […]

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golf preparation

Golf Preparation

Developing Your Pre-Round Routine Golf preparation is hugely important. Hopefully you have a pre-shot routine for golf, but what about a pre-game routine? What you do in the 30 minutes before you hit that first ball can play a huge role in how your golf round will transpire. Let me give you an example… I […]

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being present in golf

Being Present In Golf

Being Present in Golf – the Key to Enjoyment and Success originally published in Caribbean Golf magazine I recently had the pleasure of walking in mountains. The the air was pure and refreshing, the inherent peace of nature was thick and tangible.  It reminded me of many experiences that I have had on golf courses, […]

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awareness in golf

Awareness in Golf

Awareness in Golf – Staying Present During Your Round originally published in Caribbean Golf magazine Where do you go when you play golf? It sounds like a strange question, doesn’t it? The local public course, or the country club, may be answers that spring to mind, but I’m asking where your attention goes? I’ll give […]

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