Golf Mental Game Coaching

Golf Mental Game Coaching

Mental game coaching is probably the single biggest factor in helping you quickly let go of your on-course demons, and develop patience, focus, balance and the ability to genuinely stay in the moment and play one shot at a time.

Golf Mental Game Coaching

Mental game coaching is perfect if you want to;

  • Play more creative golf
  • Let go of self-sabotaging mental patterns
  • Develop mental toughness under pressure
  • Learn how to release internal pressure
  • Rediscover the joy of playing golf

Golf Mental Game Coaching – How It Works

Working one-to-one with Mahadeva Ishaya, publisher of Golf In The Moment, you will quickly develop specific strategies to enable you to play your best golf, free from internal, mental interference.

Lessons normally last 2 hours and typically take place on-course, so the training is very practical and you will be playing real golf shots to real targets rather than hitting balls off a range-mat into the distance.

Most golfers spend hours practicing the physical aspects of the game, but neglect to take any time on the mental side which is so important. Imagine how quickly your game will develop when you devote some time to your inner game – you will be playing shots with your very own mental game coach by your side, with specific instruction just for you, able to help you moment by moment.

Coaching with Mahadeva is challenging and fun, and real benefits can be had in a surprisingly short period of time. You will have more confidence and finish your session with one or two specific things to play with before your next session. Over a short period you will approach your golf game in a different, more authentic way, and have tools to help you stay focused and maintain your energy throughout your rounds of golf – even when the going gets tough.

Mental Golf Game Coaching – What It Costs

Coaching costs £100 for a 2 hour session (including green fees), and takes place in Edinburgh. If you want Mahadeva to travel to you then this is possible too.

Please contact Mahadeva to book your golf mental game coaching session.

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