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Golf In The Moment
Mental Game School –
Transform Your Golf

If you’ve been looking for a mental game of golf school then, Congratulations! Your search has ended. The 3 day Golf In The Moment class can transform your whole approach to golf (and to life).
This school is for you if;

  • Your mind hinders your game
  • You are frustrated that you’re not playing to your potential
  • You want to explore the inner game of golf
  • You’re new to golf (get solid mental foundations)
Golf Mental Game School


offers you three days of hands-on personalised instruction.

Meditation instruction and practice

You will learn the techniques of the Ishayas’ Ascension meditation. This easy and powerful system will enable you to let go of the chaos in your mind and experience clarity, inner peace, and improved health.

Unlike most meditation techniques these can be used with eyes-open, which makes it perfect for golf. You will learn how to incorporate this into your golf game.

Many studies have shown that meditation practice reduces stress and increases happiness and positivity, so this has benefits beyond the golf course.

Practicing the Ishayas’ Ascension requires no belief and it can be used by anyone regardless of personal philosophy.

FREE BONUS: Yoga/Stretching instruction and practice

You will be taught an effective yoga stretching routine. No previous experience is required.

You don’t even have to remember the routine as you will leave with your own audio CD so you can play and stretch anytime you wish when you return home.

Many top golfers practice yoga as it offers an effective low-impact way to stay flexible, prevent injury and keep the body loose on the course. A tight body = less yards, a supple body = more yards.

I will also be sharing with you powerful yoga breathing exercises that will help you stay calm, alert and energised on the course.

You don’t need to take part in the stretching part of the class, but it is there for you if you wish.

36 holes of golf

This class isn’t just about theory, we take it onto the course.

On Days 1 and 2 we play 9 holes, and on Day 3 we play a full round of golf.

The courses we play will be dependent upon your ability, so there’s no need to stress – we will discuss it before you arrive.

Cost: £695 (you can bring along a friend or two for only £395 extra per person). Maximum class size is 3 people to ensure quality instruction.

Fee includes all instruction, green and range fees, yoga CD, lunches, nutritious food and drinks for our golf time together.

Telephone Mahadeva on 0(44)7940-205625 to arrange your mental game golf school now.

If you can’t make it to Scotland then contact me. I’m happy to travel.

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