Are You Ready To Take Your Golf Game
To The Next Level?

The golf mental game is the aspect commonly neglected by most golfers. Countless hours are spent aimlesly hitting balls at the golf range trying to fine-tune details of the swing. Yet when we are on the course and the shots matter it is a whole different game.

Do you experience any of these?

  • First tee nerves
  • One bad hole or shot ruins the next one
  • Can’t switch off the chattering mind
  • Can’t enjoy or trust your game
  • Golf has lost it’s fun
  • You choke under pressure
  • Your game lacks imagination and inventiveness
  • You are your own worst critic and compare yourself to others

I could go on and on, but if you answered “Yes” to any of those then you should start looking at your inner game. None of the above have anything to do with technical issues or swing mechanics – they are all the result of what is happening in your mind.

Golf Mental Game

Welcome to Golf In The Moment. My name is Mahadeva Ishaya, I’m a monk, and I’m based near Edinburgh in Scotland. I’ve been teaching meditation for over fifteen years. I’m also a golfer, and I know that what is going on in my head directly affects what happens on the course.

You’ve heard it a hundred times, “Stay in the moment“, “One shot at a time“, and you’ve seen, and possibly experienced, how the runaway mind can make even the best of golfers look like a no-hope hacker!

Your Golf Mental Game Is Your Secret Weapon

The secret to the golf mental game is simple – Get out of your own way!

You’ve probably experienced it – those points when everything flows, almost as if the shot is created through you and you experience a harmony within your swing. You know the ones – the shots that keep you coming back to this wonderful game. That is golf in the moment.

The key to better and more enjoyable golf is to be able to experience that as your normal mind-state. If you can do this you are better able to fulfill your golfing potential.

Beyond The Golf Mental Game To The Heart Of Golf

But golf is more than just swing technique or the golf mental game – it has the ability to go beyond those limits. Perhaps unique amongst games it has the capacity to touch us at the level of our spirit, to evoke and invite us to play a much grander game. Put simply, golf has soul. Those of us who love the game, deep down, know that this is why we keep playing, no matter how well or badly our mind tells us we are doing.

I hope you enjoy the site. I will be sharing strategies to help you improve and master the golf mental game, and stimulating and challenging articles to help you open up to the heart of golf.

For meditation instruction you can contact me, or connect with worldwide network of others who teach the meditation method I have personally used for over twenty years at